• Post published:June 7, 2023
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Mr. Speaker, my intention today is to celebrate love in honour of pride season and to share my appreciation for the 2SLGBTQI+ community and allies for their fight for human rights, for charter rights and for who we are as a nation.
Unfortunately, rights for queer and gender-diverse people are under attack in communities across Canada, including in my home province of New Brunswick. Misinformed and homophobic comments are pervasive. We are seeing a disturbing and dangerous rise in harassment, discrimination and oppression, which have profound, life-threatening consequences. Nonsensical boycotts and demonstrations of hate threaten the very ability of gender-diverse people to exist freely and without fear in public. There are real risks of setbacks and risks for queer kids internalizing what they are hearing and seeing, who might believe they cannot live as their true selves and love and be loved for who they are. It is harmful and it is wrong.

The hate is loud, but there are more of us who know that love will overcome. I ask that all members of the House stand up for Canada and stand up for pride.