• Post published:February 13, 2023
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Mr. Speaker, in recognition of Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness Week, I want to acknowledge that in 2023 too many Canadians are still unable to make an informed decision about their contraceptive health. Access to contraceptives should not depend on their bank account, where they live or who they are. Everyone should have access to the information to choose what method works best for them and be confident in the quality of care they will receive when they seek reproductive health care.
Unfortunately, we know that a key issue is the pervasiveness of systemic racism in our institutions, creating disproportionately negative experiences and outcomes for Black and indigenous people. This is why it is essential to include all forms of contraceptives in the national formulary for pharmacare, as called for by Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights.

Moreover, as called upon within Joyce’s principle, we must adopt a framework of reproductive justice in patient care and address the gender inequalities, discriminatory social norms and institutional structures to advance health, gender equality and human rights.

As a member of the Canadian Association of Parliamentarians on Population and Development, I invite all members of this House to join the effort and implement a comprehensive approach to advancing sexual and reproductive health, and support the empowerment of all Canadians.