• Post published:February 3, 2021
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Mr. Speaker, 100 years ago, the most celebrated medical discovery of the 20th century was made by Canadian researchers. Sadly, as we approach the centennial for the discovery of insulin, diabetes is an epidemic in Canada. It directly affects 11 million Canadians and costs our health care system $30 billion each year. Every day, 620 Canadians are diagnosed with this devastating disease, and more than 20 Canadians die from diabetes complications every 24 hours.
Indigenous people living in Canada are among the highest-risk populations for contracting diabetes. In many ways, colonialism has ushered in this reality. If Canada commits to adopting a national strategy, we are also responding to a critical call to action under the TRC.

COVID-19 has only heightened the urgency to act. Adults living with diabetes are more likely to have a severe infection and about three times more likely to succumb to it. Eighty-seven percent of Canadians support the Diabetes 360° national strategy. It must be in the budget. We cannot wait another 100 years to end diabetes.