• Post published:March 24, 2021
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Mr. Speaker, on February 24, Fredericton lost one of its precious lights. Lexi, at 16, was active, curious and kind. Her smile and her quick sense of humour were able to brighten any room she walked into.

Derived from Greek, Lexi means the one who protects humanity. Together with Lexi’s family and our community, we will ensure her legacy does just that: keeps us safe.

We will continue to talk about her and everything that made her the person she was. We will continue to talk about the mental health services other young people so desperately need. We will not accept the status quo that we are living in a society where we turn away youth in their moment of greatest need.
We lost Lexi’s light on this earth; now we have a guiding star. May it remind us to listen and support every spark so they may not fade out, that no darkness may overtake them.

Chimo Helpline

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