• Post published:February 10, 2022
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  • Post category:At Home / In Ottawa
Mr. Speaker, the pandemic has made it abundantly clear that the health of our communities must be at the centre of our work as parliamentarians. If there is one lesson that I hope we learn from this, it is that the pursuit of health must be a collective effort. We know that the worst of this storm has been weathered by low-income, marginalized communities and those who face the greatest health risks. To come out of these difficult times stronger, we must combat inequality, promote inclusivity and look to the social determinants of health for our answers.

I often hear about amazing community health initiatives led by my constituents in Fredericton, and it is their voices and advocacy that shape my priorities and my understanding of what it means to truly take care of our neighbours. It means affordable housing and eliminating homelessness. It means adequate free mental health supports, pharmacare, fully accessible infrastructure and a universal basic income to lift people out of poverty and allow everyone to reach their full potential.

By implementing policies that ensure we take care of each other, our government can lead by example and promote healthy resilient communities across Canada.